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Building Pathways to Sustainability

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Pathways to Prosperity Innovation Challenge Kicks Off, Empowering SMEs in Latin America

latin America enterprises

People and economies thrive when small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are empowered to reach their full potential. SMEs create 75% of all jobs in Latin America, but SMEs are struggling to grow and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

SMEs need better connections to markets, information, and supportive policies. They need support and incentives to access new markets, adopt sustainable practices, and strengthen workers’ rights. Ensuring that SMEs can hire and keep skilled employees is another key part of the equation.

Outdoor Apparel Industry embraces Sustainable Product Development (SPD). But Why?

Sustainable Product Development

Working at a company like EarthShift that’s focused on helping  organizations develop and incorporate sustainable practices into their business strategies, means that I think about these practices on a daily basis and I tend to take notice when I come upon ideals, practices or declarations made by an organization in the public eye.  This may be because of my mindset for marketing, but I always wonder what’s driving the organization’s decisions. Why did they pursue the sustainability pathway?

What’s the difference between a carbon footprint and an LCA?


by: Shelly Martin, EarthShift Sustainability Analyst 

Want to find a better way to make sustainability decisions? Support the Sustainabiltity Assessment Think Tank

impacts graph

Ever feel frustrated by the little details holding up the sustainability movement? 

Product Stewardship- Shouldn't we all play our part?

product stewardship

Sometimes it takes getting out of your own environment to really open up your mind and see things a little differently. There’s a fantastic little vacation spot in Mexico that I like to visit. It’s the perfect place to lose oneself, scaling the limestone cliffs in beautiful 70 degree temps by day and sharing meals and beers with travelers form all over the world at night.  Now I’m supposed to be chilling out and not thinking about work but as I said, sometimes it takes being out of your own space to get you really thinking, and so it was during one of my visits that I found myself contemplating product stewardship.

Seven Resolutions to put your Company on the Sustainability Pathway this Year

Sustainable in 2014

Organizations often wonder where to start or what some of the important steps are when building their pathway to sustainability.  With the begining of a new year many companies may be taking this time to begin, or revamp, their efforts towards sustainability in order to meet the stricter regulations and transparency trends which are on a steady incline.

The Role and Future of LCA in Sustainability Education

Sustainability Education

I have been wondering about the role LCA is playing in Sustainability Education these days. As more and more sustainable engineering, business and design programs are popping up in Universities across North America, I thought it would be interesting to ask the developers and professors of some of these programs a few questions to find out a little more about the importance of LCA in these programs and how they see it developing in the future. 

Sustainability is Not all About Reducing Impacts, Let's Think Positive

Positive Impacts Earth

Do you feel the planet would be better off without you?

This is the question proposed by Greg Norris of Harvard during the beginning of his webinar on NetPosistive Sustainability during last week's session in EarthShift's Brown Bag Webinar Series.

After Benchmarking- Address Concerns with an Effective Sustainability Strategy

sustainable business strategy

In the previous blog I discussed using benchmarking to evaluate the corporate social responsibility of suppliers and ourselves.  Benchmarking essentially lets corporations (and their customers and competetors) know where they stand in terms of CSR.

Using Benchmarking to Evaluate the Corporate Social Responsibility of Suppliers and Ourselves


Have you ever wondered about the social responsibility or sustainability efforts of a corporation?  

Would you like to know how one brand compares to another?  Or maybe you would like to know how your company lines up against the competitors?

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