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EarthShift Releases Updated US-EI Library


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The latest release of the US-EI database, version 2.2.2013, is now available in EarthSmart and PackageSmart and for download to all SimaPro users with a current license from EarthShift. This new version features a number of enhancements that create a more comprehensive and useful US-oriented database. Version 2.2.2013 includes updated U.S. electricity grid mixes, as well as new processes, including geothermal electricity and natural gas from hydraulic fracturing, and new waste scenarios to capture White Goods and Electronics. For many processes which have non-mass units, the new US-EI library contains mass-based processes for use with waste or end of life scenarios. These additions will provide LCA practitioners with a library which is more representative of the North American markets, generally leading to better accuracy and more robust studies.

Another new feature is the addition of waste treatment processes that no longer include the water content in the mass. This allows these processes to be applied for just the dry material disposed. The waste scenarios have been modified to use these new processes and updated to 2010 data from the EPA. Waste scenarios have been created for White Goods and Electronics. Additional waste types have been created for electronics components and these are used in the new Electronics waste scenario.

A few simple processes have been added to the library, including processes for water use, detergents, and washing. These data were created by EarthShift for convenience.

This updated version of the US-EI database will allow LCA practitioners to model products and services that more accurately represent the reality of operations in North America. This database does not include any of the new ecoinvent 3 data. It will import directly into SimaPro and update your existing US-EI 2.2. library.

To learn more about the US-EI database and these new updates please visit:

All current license holders can contact us at to receive download instructions and the necessary username and password.


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