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The Convergence of Sustainable Management and Sustainable Design

“How to make smarter and more sustainable choices at every level in your company.”

Many companies are focused on measuring their supply chain and enterprise footprints. Others are focusing on bringing sustainable design into their product development group.

In this webinar, you will learn how the technologies involved in these processes are converging to create a cohesive approach to sustainability that helps companies make smarter choices, generate larger impact reductions faster, reduce costs, build their brand, and track results.

Chris Erickson, CEO of Climate Earth, and Jim Lochran of EarthShift, will demonstrate how to quickly implement comprehensive management of the supply chain to systematically prioritize products for redesign. They’ll also demonstrate how a new set of design tools can take the mystery out of sustainable design. 



About Us:

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EarthShift provides sustainability tools and methodologies to organizations to help them bring the social, economic and environmental impacts of their business into balance while working within the boundaries of our planet’s resources. Operating from a concept of abundance, EarthShift believes that the more people who know how to use these tools and methodologies, the faster we will reach our goal of a healthy planet supporting healthy people.

EarthShift services include online & on-site training on proven sustainability methodologies, custom tool development for personalized and easy to use environmental impact calculators, sustainability program management consulting and Life Cycle Assessment tools.

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Climate Earth provides Business Intelligence Systems for sustainable management. We specialize in large-scale supply chains and robust multi-dimensional analysis. We also provide full enterprise level “cradle to end of life” environmental impact assessments. Our hybrid life cycle analysis methodology links financial transactions to environmental impacts, providing a powerful business-oriented analytic platform to inform and manage sustainability strategy. We have successfully applied our methodology and technology to assess the environmental impacts of supply chains for multiple Fortune 100 companies, as well as a broad mix of Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries.